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Beth Allen - private

- "It was quite good fun actually, because it happened really fast. They got about episode 47 or 48 at the end of the series and we kind of realized she wasn't particularly pregnant and needed to be very pregnant because she was about to have a baby in four episodes' time! So I went through about six months of pregnancy in about four episodes. I had all this padding under my costume and I was running into walls and bouncing off people. It was one of the hardest things I've done because you're really unprepared for it. If you haven't had a baby you just have no idea." (about having a baby on "The Tribe")

- "I tried for many years to learn how to play the piano, but I was really bad at it - I'm not very good at sitting still."

- "Best thing to do when you're really loosing it - is to take a break and have a giggle." (May 2009)

- "My favourite cookie would be a cranberry-hazelnut-white chocolate-oat cookie." (May 2009)

Shortland Street quotes

Brooke: I'm not a Catholic, but I do need to make a confession. I'm a fraud.

Brooke about Bella: The only thing bright about that girl is her ridiculous hair!

Brooke: How long have you got?
Gabrielle: Two minutes and 33 seconds.

Luke (to Winston): Brooke is - how shall I put this politely? - ethically challenged.

Isaac to Brooke: Since when have they ever taken you seriously? Brooke Freeman doing asthma research is like Britney Spears discovering a cure for cancer!

TK: No stirring!
Brooke: I wouldn't dream of it.
TK: I mean it. I'm inviting the good Brooke, not the other one...

Brooke to Isaac: (Bella) blew you a kiss. How old does she think you are?

Brooke: "I need a little bit more than cuddles on the couch and slippers by the fire."

Brooke: "Where's the passion, that's what I want to know."

Brooke: "Some people at the hospital actually respect me - or is that too hard to believe?"

Brooke to Sophie: "The best way to get over a man is to get under another man!"

(Brooke is cooking dinner.)
Callum: "Looks like an A for effort."
Brooke: "More like a D for disaster."

Brooke to Kieran: "We both know you're going to break her heart eventually so be a man and do it now."

Brooke: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Maia:"I work here. How about you?"

Aroha: "Do you think I should get my nose done?"
Brooke: "Don't tempt me!"

Brooke: "Yes." 
Kieran: "Glass? Or should I put the bottle in a brown paper bag?" 

Brooke: "I hate you. I really hate you but I thought you had the decency to admit your guilt and suffer the consequences."

Brooke to Maxwell: "Why don't you try take a long walk off a short pier?

Brooke: "This is not the big reunion. It's not forgiveness. It's question and answer time."

Alice about Brooke:
"Oh, Brooke is all about presentation. But deep down ... well, the trouble is, there is no deep down!"

Libby about Brooke in the hospital cafeteria: "The only thing missing is a latte on her head."

Brooke: "The old Brooke would have put arsenic in someone's tea."

Brooke to TK: "I'm being completely honest about not being completely honest with you!"

Brooke to Gabrielle, after Gabrielle confonted TK & Brooke about Sarah & TKs relationship: "Since when did you become Dr. Phil?"

Sarah: "Where's your sense of camaraderie?"
Brooke: Curled up at home with a nice chardonnay.

Brooke: "Everything I touch turns to custard. I'm like the anti-Midas!"

TK: "You're not going to go stick your size nines in, are you?"
Brooke: "Size SEVENS!!!"

Maxwell toTK..."Quick, run off to your femme bot." ( referring to Brooke )

Marcus Derrick (patient, about Brooke): "That chick is a hoighty-toighty pain in the butt!"

Brooke: "I am not handing over to a coward who wimps out the minute things get gnarly."

Gerald: "Well at least somebody had a win today. Cheers!"
Brooke: "Swivelly chairs!"

Brooke ( to Gerald upon Libby's return): "Why do I suddenly feel like the other woman?"

 Brooke (about Bella and Luke): "They´re like puppies. How do you divide and conquer puppies?"

Bree (to Brooke): "I like being evil. Don´t you?"

The Tribe, Season One

Power and Chaos-it is the only way.-Zoot

No more schools, no more teachers, no more books!-Locos

Are you talking about the girl or the cat? - Amber

Burn the books, burn the books!-Locos

I feel terrible!-Zandra.
You look terrible.-Lex

I know what that is.That´s a baby!-Patsy

Babies have been given birth to for a long time now, it is something quite natural.-Salene
Not in this world anymore.-Trudy.
Don´t worry,I´ll help you through it!-Salene

Don't be a moron!-Amber to Lex

You must have swallowed a medical book!-Zandra to Dal

Ryan, do you remember once, in another lifetime, me asking you to find some rubber bands?-Amber

Where were you-she is your responsibility!-Amber to Bray about Trudy

But that`s my special soap!-Zandra

It´s about a baby here! It is not a stuffed animal, you know.-Amber

Babies must be taken care of, they must be fed!-Amber

Lex, Lex... someone's stolen our money.-Ryan 
Well you'd better call the police then quick.-Lex
Lex don't be soft, there aren't any police.-Ryan
Mmm, sorry, I forgot our world has crashed.-Lex
Lex,that was our life-savings,what are we gonna do?-Ryan
Surprise me, Sherlock!-Lex

So you´re on the mend?-Lex
Feeling better by the minute.-Trudy
Glad you`re pleased.-Bray
I wouldn`t chuck out a mother and her baby!What do you think I am?-Lex
Fine, I`m glad we´ve got that sorted, now was there anything else you wanted?-Bray
No, just a friendly visit.I´ll leave you two lovebirds tp snog in peace.-Lex

And what's one vote when the other two come from la-la land?-Lex

As Amber's food deputy I'm not authorized to give you any more.-Salene
As Amber's food deputy? C'mon Salene, I'm a growing boy!-Lex
The same is true for Ryan.-Salene
Not as much brain to feed.-Lex
And Jack?-Salene
Not as much muscle.-Lex

What have I done to you?-Trudy
Nothing personal,we voted you out and now you're leaving.-Lex
Bray invited me to stay.-Trudy
And who is he to do that?-Lex
Do I have a choice?-Trudy can leave tomorrow or the next day.-Lex
Gee thanks.-Trudy
Don't mention it,especially not to lover boy.You wouldn't want him to get his face smashed up, would you?-Lex

What is this?-Zoot
Don’t you want to see your daughter?-Bray

Goodnight Martin. God bless. Have a safe journey to the other side. Everyone will be there waiting for you. Mum. Dad. Everybody.-Bray
Yes that was his real name. He was my brother, kid brother.-Bray

Who's gonna want a single mother when there's all that talent flaunting itself?-Trudy

What’s going to happen to you? No dad, and me for a mum, at least you’ve got your uncle Bray. He could be your dad. That would be all right wouldn't it? We'd like that wouldn't we? Shall we go and see him? Shall we go and see your new dad?-Trudy

Boys and sticks: it's pathetic.-Amber

I saw you sitting next to her!-Trudy
So what was I doing? Holding her hand?-Bray
You probably were for all I know. They were probably all watching and saying:"Poor Trudy,poor girl,she hasn't got a chance!"-Trudy

Come anywhere near Bray or Brady and I will scratch your eyes out!-Trudy

Oh! Mr.High and Mighty! Mr.Self-righteous! You are a number one selfish jerk!-Amber to Bray
You're upsetting the baby!-Trudy
Then why don't you just go?All of you? You are both so selfish! You do nothing to help.You take and never give.You use Salene as a slave!-Amber
She's pushed her way in.She's after Bray!-Trudy
And you!You think you're so intelligent! So clever! Winding Lex up like that.Trying to humiliate him! Well at least he had the guts to stand for leader.-Amber
Hey I don't believe in leaders.-Bray
Then what do you believe in? Anything? Nothing? Perhaps when you'we figured it out you can come down of your pedestal and tell us poor little morons!-Amber

There’s more to life than just surviving. We need spiritual values, love….you should try love, Amber. – Tai-San
And get hurt? Anyway, there’s not much of a choice around here, is there? -Amber
No, I think maybe you’ve already made your choice. But you won’t admit it….. for one reason or another. – Tai-San
(episode 17)

I'm talking to an Organ Grinder, not the monkey. - Bray

Have you given her a name yet?-Amber
Don’t you think you ought to, and start taking responsibility for her? She is your child, Trudy; and it would give Salene less opportunity to always be around. She was only trying to help, Trudy - she was brilliant when you were ill - she can’t help it if she’s fallen for Bray.-Amber
Well she can just keep her hands off him.-Trudy
You’re not listening Trudy; I said she can’t help the way she feels, but I don’t honestly think she’s trying to break the two of you up - you’re doing that yourself.-Amber
If I start to be a better mother, and stop getting at Salene...-Trudy
I don’t want you to go, Trudy; I think you and Bray can be a great help to us - but that’s up to Bray.-Amber
Can you talk to him, Amber, I know he really respects you.-Trudy
I’ll try, but Bray only does what he wants.....and if he’s made up his mind...... Now: what about a baby’s name?-Amber

We don't want water, do we Brady? We want Bray.-Trudy

I take it all back. This man has Ketchup! - Dal

If that are you're social skills, you'd better stick to meditation.-Amber to Tai-San

What about ex-boyfriends, what do they do when their girl suddenly reappears on the scene? - Amber
Keep their distance. Be polite, but wary. - Bray
They don't think they might give it another go? - Amber
No way! - Bray

You think if I drink this I'll turn into a monster? - Lex
Too late, Lex. - Bray

I am a genius.-Jack

Is it true?-Trudy
Is what true?-Amber
Bray and Salene.-Trudy
Trudy, they're collecting water. -Amber
Sure. You're in on it! You planned this, didn't you - you and Salene! -Trudy
I did what? -Amber
Don't deny it! You're all against me. You didn't want me when I first arrived, and you still don't want me now. -Trudy
That is crazy! -Amber
Bray was mine before we ended up in this dump. But you couldn't leave us alone could you? You had to break us up.-Trudy
Me? I'm the one who tried to stop her going-Amber.
Oh, so you admit she's after him.-Trudy
Well that's not exactly hard to spot - you'd have to be Ryan to miss that one! Look, why come to me, anyway? I'm admin not marriage Guidance.-Amber.
You're on her side, you always have been! -Trudy
Look,just believe what you want,Trudy. It's not my problem.-Amber

Don't tell me that it's not what it looks like!-Trudy

It is a time of loneliness and we all feel the need to belong; that’s why we need to be part of a Tribe.-Tai-San

As of this day, all those who join hands are bound together as one - brothers and sisters to the end.-Tai-San

Trudy, what on earth is going on? You have to keep her quiet, we're expecting an attack.-Amber
Don't tell me what to do -you of all people!-Trudy
What's that supposed to mean?-Amber
I've seen how you look at Bray - making big eyes at him.-Trudy
Trudy, your baby is screaming and you're ignoring it.-Amber
Who do you think you are? You come in here, boss me around, accuse me. I don't have to take that.-Trudy
Then look after Brady properly.-Amber
I will - if you'll get out of my face. And leave my boyfriend alone!-Trudy

Look, it might be different if Trudy was more stable, or Brady was more grown up. But you can’t abandon them now. – Amber
You don’t need to remind me. But isn’t it worse to pretend, to live a lie? I mean, what about love, Amber? Doesn’t that count for anything? – Bray
(episode 20)

Trudy .....Trudy, its Amber...are you all right?............Are you going to let me in?- Amber
Doesn’t look like it does it? -Trudy
And what have I done to you? -Amber
If you don’t know....-Trudy
So tell me.-Amber
Don’t you ever get tired of playing God Amber? when are you going to get it in your head that not everybody likes decisions made for them? And You can tell the others too my life is mine to do what I want with it, got it? -Trudy
So you’d rather we left you to die?-Amber
What do you think?-Trudy
I’ll tell you what I think shall I Trudy?  I think you’ve got a chip on your shoulder the size of a house. None of us can do anything right according to you and the way things are right now we could all do without having to babysit your problems, which is exactly what we’ve had to do since you got here. Now if you want to sit there and sulk like a prize prat, you can go ahead, but just don’t expect anyone to understand that. Oh, and another thing: if you think we did it for your sake, you’re not even close.-Amber

We don't really know what's up there...I've understood now: my place is with Brady. - Trudy

And you can take your creamed rice with you!-Tai-San

Everyone expects me to be their mother but noone thinks about what I want, and I'm fed up with it so just for once get  off my back and leave me alone! - Amber

I've been running away for ages: from Zoot, Bray, you guys; even my own baby. I don't want to run any more. - Trudy

If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't be alive now. - Trudy to Salene

I thought all the tribes were about to kiss and make up! - Amber

Tai-San, you're out of your warped little mind! - Jack

For a clever guy you can be pretty stupid! - Jack

She's a tiny baby but she needs so much! - Trudy about Brady

Bulimea isn't catching is it? - Trudy

You patronising cow! - Trudy to Tai-San

I'm a big girl. - Amber

No, Lex isn't scared, he's petrified. - Amber

Actually I don't see how anyone can be lonely with people like Lex and Jack around. The psycho-terminator and the nerd. - Amber

Ah, so it can listen. - Amber

You heard me, you've caused enough trouble. If you don't like it here, go back, noone will miss you! - Trudy

Well, that's great! But, we've kinda got a bit of a crisis here! - Amber

It sounds more like a hairspray commercial. - Amber

Fine,do what you like, have your party, trash the place for all I care. And you know what Patsy, I don't care, I wish I never had, then maybe I wouldn't be stuck here with a bunch of losers like you. So go ahead, sit moping in this filth I came back to and wait for the Virus to get you, because I DON'T CARE! - Amber

Hurting people, distroy things. Where is that gonna take you? - Amber
To the top, sugar. - Ebony
Of what? A garbage hip, honey. - Amber

Democracies need defending. - Amber
You know where you can stick your democracy! - Bray

Such a cheery soul, isn't her? - Bray
What would we do without him? - Amber

You? I never saw you doing much! Uncle Lex, the kiddies pal? Yeah right. - Amber

The virus is spreading again, we're about to starve. Another day in paradise! - Amber

Only a knock over the head with a large hammer could change Lex! - Dal

Let's take Porky for a walk!-KC
Pigs don't take walks.-Cloe
They have legs don't they?-KC
Of course.-Cloe
Then they take walks.-KC

Can I have a sip? – Bray
What? Oh, of course. – Amber
Mmm, cocoa. – Bray
Comfort food. Just like mum used to make. – Amber
We could do with some of that around here. – Bray
It’s sad, isn’t it? We’ve come such a long way just to end like this…It offered so much hope you know, the Mall, a new life, a safe haven and now…it’s gonna kill us all. – Amber
This is how we chose to live. – Bray
But not how to die. You must really regret coming back all these those times you went away. We were never sure if you would.– Amber
I had plenty of reasons to come back Amber. But you, you should have gone with Sasha…you could have been free of all this, somewhere else from here. – Bray
Forget it Bray, it’s done. – Amber
I can’t forget it – I was so incredibly jealous. – Bray
Because everyone liked him so much. – Amber
No, because you did! I should have told you a long time ago, Amber…- Bray
What about Trudy and Salene? – Amber
Yeah, but I wasn’t honest with them and I’m not proud of it. I just wanted you to know – it was never hard for me – coming back. – Bray
 Bray takes an eyelash from Amber’s cheek.
I hope you’re not thinking of wasting a wish? - Bray
Course not. –Amber
 Amber takes the eyelash and puts it on Bray’s lip.
Let’s see what you can do with it. – Amber
 Bray closes his eyes as if he’s making a wish. She leans in, touching his cheek and they kiss for the first time.
(episode 43)

You know, I used to stand up here for hours, just letting my mind drift. Especially at the beginning. You know, when I didn’t know whether to stay or go. –Bray
Don’t you do a Sasha on me. – Amber
No fear. Where you are, so am I. – Bray
Why did it take us so long to get it together? – Amber
There was a lot in the way, with Trudy…and Brady. I mean, it was pretty bad timing. – Bray
Maybe we were both a little afraid of our feelings. I know I was. – Amber
Really? – Bray
I wanted you from the first moment. Did you feel the same way? – Amber
Maybe… (she pokes him in the ribs jokingly) Okay, okay! I couldn’t get my eyes off of you. But you’re right, it was scary. I didn’t want to be vulnerable. I mean, I couldn’t afford to be, not with the way things were. – Bray
Well, the main thing is that we’re together now and it feels so natural. Like it’s always been this way and always will be. – Amber
 The kiss.
(episode 44)

I brought you something. A token….in case, well…you know… - Bray
Bray hands Amber a set of keys. She studies them carefully.
The peace symbol. – Amber
From when I thought I could change the world, before it changed forever without telling me first. – Bray
What are they? - Amber
Well, that's my front door, back door; and padlock to my first bike…. The keys to my heart. – Bray
 Amber takes off a ring and hands it to Bray.
This ring….my dad gave it to me. – Amber
 They kiss.
(episode 45)

We've gone through too much together just to stand around and let someone else take over. - Amber

I’ll make this very clear for you Amber: you hand over the antidote....or I’ll have your fancy man here dropped off the balcony. It might not kill him, but then again it might, - Ebony
Don’t do it, Amber! Don’t listen to her! – Bray
Oh, a hero! Heroes are such pains, don’t you think Amber? Always pretending they’re better than anyone else. Sling him over! – Ebony
NO! – Amber
You better believe me Amber, I never bluff. – Ebony
Don’t give it to her Amber! – Bray
Give it up Amber. I won, you let me come all the way up here with Bray and you didn’t drop it. Then so why would you now? – Ebony
Amber no! – Bray
Sorry Bray, I just can’t. – Amber (gives the Locos the antidote)

Whatever you steal from us Ebony, it's nothing, this place may be in ruins but at least we're decent. You're just a cheap tramp waith a load of bully boys running around after you! - Trudy what if Ebony had taken Brady instead? Would you just leave her there? - Amber
That's not the same. - Trudy
Isn't it? You've got the person you love most in the world right here with you. Mine's being held prisoner. Don't tell me there's something wrong about trying to get him back!! - Amber

Amber what’s wrong? Tell me. – Bray
Figure it out for yourself, Bray. – Amber
I don’t get it, I thought you’d be glad to see me. Is this something to do with me and Ebony? – Bray
Wow Bray, you must be psychic. – Amber
There’s nothing going on. – Bray
I saw the two of you together, so don’t bother lying. – Amber
When? – Bray
By the pool, you were getting a nice tan. Does helicopter ring a bell? Ar all? So do me a favor Bray, drop dead. – Amber

Amber : "Bray! Bray! So, what? Were you just gonna leave, without a word?"
Bray : "I thought it would have been easier this way."
Amber:"Yeah, well you would, wouldn't you? You always found it easier to run."
Bray: "If you feel that strongly Amber, why'd you come after me?"

Lex : "Because she's crazy about you. Isn't it obvious?"
Amber : "You just keep out of this. It has nothing to do with you!"
Lex : " Maybe no. But then again, I've never take your advice before Amber. Why start now? Look, I don't know why you think he's in love with Ebony, but it's stupid. You're wrong. You're so wrong it's not even funny"
Amber : "Oh I get it. Boys in it together. He helped you out in there, so now you're returning the favor?"
Lex : "Look, why don't we just quit messing about now? Look at him. Why is he here? If he wanted to run off with Ebony, why did he come back and rescue us? Because he loves you dummy, and you love him......that's your cue to kiss her. Do I have to tell you how to do everything?!"  (leaves)
Bray : "I never really listened to him before either."
Amber : "Nor me."

*Bray drops his bag and they share a passionate kiss*

The Tribe: Season Two

Look, I don't know what your game is, I just don't want to see him hurt. - Trudy to Danni about Bray

We've already had too many accidents, haven't we? - Bray

You must miss Amber a lot. Try to be grateful for what you had Bray, many never have that much. - Tai-San
You know, I never have a free moment these days, but my life still feels so empty. - Bray
Stop it she's tired! - Cloe 
Tired? I'll give you tired......Isn't this cozy. A welcoming committe for the idiot who lost my baby!!! - Trudy 
Trudy, can't you see she's upset? - Salene 
UPSET? She'll be hysterical once I'm through with her! - Trudy 
Trudy stop it! - Patsy 
Then tell me who took Brady....Have you got nothing to say?You stupid, careless, incompetent moron!.....O, so now I'm the villain....because I made her cry? - Trudy 
Trudy, you're going too far. - Ryan 
You are unbelieveable! I am the one suffering here not her! You don't care...none of you! - Trudy

Noone could ever replace Amber, Danni. Even if they tried. - Salene

Oy! Remember me? - Lex
You look stupid. - Ebony
Well, not half as stupid as I do without them. - Lex

What's in it for you, Ebony? - Trudy

You evil sceaming witch! - Trudy to Ebony

You've always hated me right from the start. You stole Bray from me, I want to know why. - Trudy to Ebony

It was only that once, besides the world was ending anyway. - Trudy You knew it was Bray, it was always Bray. - Trudy She's a champion sulker. Once she didn't speak to us for a month. –Alice about Ellie Like I said, who asked you? - Lex
I don't need asking. – Danni You've never played by the rules in your life, Ebony! –Trudy If you're saying we should all bow down and thank the Chosen, you can count me out. – Trudy (s2) The Supreme Mother never begs. - Guardian to Trudy These Tribe leaders, they get too much power. - Lex I'd rather take a bath...with a shark! - Lex Yeah...a weird I'm in a room with a total fruitcake! - Alice

So we're down a screaming brat, a scheming witch and a hysterical mother, how much better can it get? - Lex

Why do any women cry? Perhaps she thought of something that dog dying...Bob...yeah that must have been it. - Lex

What are you looking at? What are you looking at? Huh! Lex is my name. Sexy Lexy. Well take a good look! I guess you all know who you are. - Lex

Look at the way he's directing us with his nose, you'd think he's trying to tell us something!-Salene
He's Bob, not Lassie! - Ebony

So if I like this girl, not that there's any perticular girl,then she'll like me? - Jack
No, see cause you look the way you do and I look the way I do and that's the difference between a lover and a nerd. - Lex

It was still me who blew her up. - KC

Because daughter of a mass murderer sound sooo much better than just a murderer! - Danni

Science not good enough? Here we've got technology, but no! Lex wants potions and spells, from the land of Gobbles and Giants! - Jack
Why you little... - Lex
Ooh. Is the Zen Master gonna loose control? - Jack
You're entitled to your own opinion. - Lex

How can we take lives if we're trying to pass a law to protect it? - Danni

Ryan as a teacher, Lex as a market supervisor. We've really got something going here. - Alice
Yeah, all we need is a pension scheme and it's like the virus never happened. - Lex

The problem with women is that they look tough on the outside and they think they can handle stuff. But once you winthem over, they go all musy on you these self-centered chocolates. I mean take Alice....oh I wish someone would take Alice! - Lex

Not dancing Lex? - Tai-San
Not in the mood. - Lex
Oh go on, make a girl happy. You want some? - Tai-San
I'm not drinking either. - Lex
It's okay, it's herbal tonic, good for your energy. - Tai-San
Ok thanks...augh! - Lex
Of course, it's not everyone's taste. - Tai-San
It would be, if I really wanted to vomit. - Lex

Hey. - Lex
What happened? - Ryan
I don't know but I'm glad I slept through it. - Lex
Where am I? - Ryan
In my bed that's where, and uninvited. This is a strictly invitation only place and an exclusive one at that. - Lex

Lex, what's this?-Alice
It looks like a bottle but, I don't know, I've been wrong before. - Lex

I'm telling you this is the new me. The old Lex would've had a look at the rota and got someone else to do the dishes, but the new Lex just gets on with it. - Lex
I think I liked the old Lex better, at least he made less noise. - Jack

We're Mallrats. We're a protected species." - Dal

I'm gonna teach you a lesson you never forget.-Lex
Embroidery? - Ebony

Ebony never begs. - Ebony to Spike

Well the I guess you'll have to sweat it. -Trudy to Ebony

Look, like Danni said... - Bray
I know it's not a good time, but when is it? Ya know the Chosen could be on their way right now looking for Trudy and the baby. And all I can see is a few lengths of extra bell wire and you two eating each others' faces! - Lex

Yeah well Ebony's cracked. This is the Chosen we're talking about. If they get to the alarms we're gonna need iron bars not an extra set of bells. - Lex
Yeah, I can really see them going 'Run run, they've got 2 stes of alarms! - KC
Yeah right. 'Oh mighty Zoot, you never warned us about this one! - Lex
I'm out here for something to eat. - Trudy
Trudy go back to bed, I'll get you something. - Salene
What did you say? - Trudy
Nothing. - KC
Don't tell me nothing - do you think I'm a fool? I know when I'm being talked about! - Trudy
Trudy, please. - Salene
Oh you'd love to know, wouldn't you! All of you, in every detail! Well I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that is ny business and no one elses. So you can stop all your whispering and speculation, cuz as far as you're concerned, NOTHING HAPPENED, GOT IT! - Trudy (storms off)
What? - Jack
What did you say anyway? - Lex
Just, pass the sugar. - KC

You don't want to be left all alone, do you Cloe! - Trudy

The future is almost here! - Trudy

I'm a scientist...I lose things, forget birthdays and I'm more familiar with numbers than words! -Jack

And what are Zoot's four wishes? - Trudy
To live in his followers, to destroy his enemies, to bring power and chaos and to free us from tomorrow. -Patsy

Some happy doesn't believe oin marriage and the other doesn't even love her husband! - Danni

Why? Haven't you learnt yet not to ask why? DO IT. Now I want you to go somewhere with an important message for me. Can you do that? -Trudy to Patsy

If you don't mind, I'd like to live a little longer. - Ebony

We don't have to worry about right or wrong anymore, Zoot decides for us. - Trudy

Jack, tell me honestly, what are our chances here? - Bray 
Well, I'd put mine about 90% but I'm not so sure about yours. -Jack
Don't get cocky! - Bray

The Tribe: Season Three

War?! I prefer...crusade. - The Guardian

Dont you see, Jack? It's not about being a fighter!! It's about not giving up!! - Bray

First you will join me in giving thanks to Zoot. All kneel! ALL KNEEL! - The Guardian

I don't know why I love him so much. He's deceitful, dishonorable... - Tai-San
Honey he's down right bad but that's only half the attraction. - Alice

You know we make a good team, you and I. - Bray 
I've been trying to tell you that since high school. - Ebony

I see you've been redecorating our mall. I must say I don't like your taste in wallpaper. - Bray to the Guardian

What a hive of activity! -Trudy

If you're gonna tell me you love me, you've got a funny way of showing it. - Bray to Trudy

I've lost everything because of you! freedom! And you ask me to join you? I'd rather go to hell! - Bray to the Guardian

Let me think, the leader's got long blonde hair, wears a white robe, like taking about Zoot a whole lot and throwing people of buildings...ring any bells? - Alice

So you're off again? Or did you wanna play happy families in the woods? A cosy little twosome in a nice little cottage. Only you forgot to ask Bray. - Lex to Ebony

Decay and renewal, these are the only laws of time. - Trudy

I will never give up this ring. -Pride

It's an apple?  Apples have been doing people in since the beginning of time.  Remember Adam? And Snowhite?  Both lured to their fate by a shiny red apple, just like the one your holding in your hand.  On the other hand, it might ot be an apple at all. - Alice

I'm dissapointed Pride, what were you thinking? - Eagle

Look, I've lived to see half the population wiped out, nothing surprises me anymore. Ok, I admit, Amber wasn't my favourite person, that doesn't mean I wish her dead. I'm really pleased she's OK.- Ebony

What was my crime Amber? That I loved you? All the months I spent missing you. All the tears I cried. You know, when things got really rough I'd ask myself, what would Amber do? And when I heard you were dead.. - Bray
But you didn't. Amber did. I'm Eagle now, there is no Amber. She died in a fire and she's not coming back. There is no Amber, so just forget her. - Eagle

I don't have a stomach for a fight, but Eagle does. Wanna see her claws? - Amber
What do you want? - Ebony
I wanna know, why you ruined my life! - Amber
All is fair in love and war. - Ebony
Love? What would you know about love? - Amber
You had Bray, I wanted him. You won - just like you always do. So let it go, and let me go. - Ebony
How can you say that? Bray and I are total strangers. He's in love with someone else and I'm... - Amber
With Pride? You don't fool me, you're still as much in love with Bray as ever. So now the prince has his princess and we all know what happens to the wicked witch - she gets banished. - Ebony
Except it's not a fairytale, is it? - Amber
No, but that's the trouble -  it's you Bray loves and no one can take your place. - Ebony
(episode 115)

I wanted to tell you something, before I told the others. - Amber
Why me? - Bray
You mean a lot to me. In many ways I don't deserve your friendship. - Amber
Amber! - Bray
Please, this is hard. I'm going away for a while.. - Amber
Away? - Bray
But I'l be back with an army, hopefully. Well, as many as I can muster. There are tribes like us all over the southern province and they don't know the risks they're facing. And neither did I, and that's why I should be the one to rally them on our side. - Amber
Let me come with you. - Bray
No. The Mallrats need you now. I won't be missed. Amber is dead, remember? - Amber
What do we do in the meantime? - Bray
Hit and run. Never let the Guardian think he's won. And when I come back, we'll finish him for good. - Amber
What about us? Where does this leave you and me? - Bray
You're my trusted friend and I love you. But we're different people now. I really think it's the best plan for all of us Bray, I'm sure of it. - Amber
I'll go along with it, but I don't think we're different people. Amber didn't die up there and I don't care what you call yourself. You will always be Amber to me." - Bray
(episode 116)

If Eagle - Amber puts her mind to it, she'll win this battle for you. -Pride
You love her, don't you? - Bray
When I met her, I was leaving the Gaians for good. Too many big ideas, too many voices, all arguing. She brought the tribe together. She's more than a leader, she's the heart and soul of the tribe. - Pride
You still didn-t answer my question. - Bray
I've loved her right from the start. She said she needed some time. I didn't ask her what it was she was trying to get over. Lately, I had begun to think that maybe, just maybe...then you showed up. I even helped bring you two together. - Pride
In some ways, I wish you hadn't. All I've brought her is pain. - Bray
Are you really that blind? - Pride
What? - Bray
The woman is crazy about you. - Pride
Did she say that? - Bray
She doesn't have to. - Pride

The nights Ive dreamed of lying here next to you like this, knowing it could never happen - Bray
Me too. I think of all the time we've wasted. - Amber
Don't. - Bray
Bray, what about Danni? - Amber
I have to find her somehow, if she's still alive. - Bray
And then what? - Amber
Then I have to tell her about you and me. But, you know, I think she's always known how much I've loved you Amber.  What's the matter? It'll be okay, I promise. - Bray
No, it's not that Bray. The thing is, I  think I should still go. It's still the best plan we have. - Amber
I've been thinking about that, too. I couldn't bear to lose you again. - Bray
You won't. (Amber gives Bray her ring) This time it's for keeps. - Amber
They kiss.
(episode 116)

I'll see you in my dreams. - Amber to Bray

Does the Guardian wear women's underwear in bed? - Lex

One person's dream can be another's nightmare. - Tai-San

Hi Trudy. - Eagle
AMBER!  But you're dead! - the Supreme Mother
Yeah, it's nice to see you too. - Eagle

You took me away from my baby! you kidnapped me! Take me back, you had no right! Do you not know who i am? I am the supreme Mother, I am... - Trudy to Bray

Long Live Bray, the humanitarian!  Lives saved, souls redeemed, conciences cleared and special rates for FRUITCAKES! - Lex

Why don't you just leave the thinking to me? - Ebony to Lex

Zoot was a monster turned into a God by a lunatic! - Ellie
The Guardian is not a lunatic... - Luke
Oh, get real Luke the Guardian is a headcase! - Ellie

Love and hate - two sides of the same coin. One can become another with the flip of a finger. - Tai-San

Oh, why don't you just go join the Chosen Salene?  Once and for all.  So tell them Zoot appeared to you in a bolt of lighting and told you to kiss his backside!- Alice

So let me get this straight. There's the rebels, but they're not here. Then there's Jack, Cloe, Ryan and Danni - all missing. Then there's Zandra, Dal and Patsy- may they rest in peace, and then there's, um...what's her name? - Ned
AMBER. - Tally & Andy
That's right she's dead too, but then it turns out she's alive!  It's beautiful! - Ned

I was great I reckon I could have been an actor or a rock star. - Lex
I think you should just stick to being a rock or something that lives underneath one! - Ebony

I look at Brady and I think,well, the world needs babies! It needs their innocence, it needs their enthusiasm, it needs their freshness, it needs their love! End of story. - Bray

And when your baby comes along, it will wanna love life, too. And you'll be there to make sure it does. - Trudy
Will you help me? - Amber
Do you even need to ask? - Trudy

We were digging around all over for you, you didn't get into some kind of hole did you? - Alice

I think the future's worth fighting for. - Amber

Remember the Chosen? Weren't you their spiritual leader for a while back there? Or was I just dreaming that? - Jack
Jack, I was kidnapped, just like you. - Trudy
The difference between you and me, Trudy, is, that you bought that garbage. You sold out your friends and you were glad to do it! - Jack

I need a word. - Ebony
I have one: knock, it's polite. - Amber

The Tribe: Season Four & Season Five

 Why do you always have to stick to the plan? - Ved
Because, little brother, I wrote it. – Jay

And what's the first thing she does when she gets into office? Banishes Bray and Amber for disagreeing with her! - Trudy about Ebony 

I wish for you a fine bright world to grow up in. And a future for you to believe in. But you'll need a name to be known by and I can't think of any name better than your father's. So Bray my little son, welcome to the world! - Amber

Jay is the coolest guy I know. He takes over a city and just stand there... like he has been eating low-fat yogurt. – Ram

Look, this is stupid. We're half starved and you wanna go on some journey. What if the ecos aren't even there anymore? - Trudy to Amber

I've tested the fence, it's not electrified. -Lex
Are you sure? - Salene
Do I look burned? - Lex

What do you know tofu boy?! - Ebony to Pride.

Pride says they have cameras all around the perimeter. - Ellie
Then I'll get a photo taken of me. - Jack

So how does it feel, being Ebony's lapdog? - Pride to Lex

I can't believe you're saying that! - Salene
What? Can't believe the words that are coming from cute little Cloe? - Cloe

I'm serious! You're lean. You're mean. Lean mean Salene. - Lex to Salene

I was just going to ask.. - Cloe
..Am I okay? Well, I'm not okay, okay. - Ellie
Okay... - Cloe

She hasn't eaten in days! - Salene about Ellie
Then she wouldn't want it now... - Lex
Lex, she's been through a lot! - Salene
We've all been through a lot! - Lex
If she doesn't eat, she'll get ill! - Salene
Well that's good then, one less mouth to feed! - Lex

Can you take this to Ellie? - Salene
Why? Has she lost the use of her legs? - Cloe
She's really sick... - Salene
Is it catchy? - Cloe
But she's ill! - Salene
And so am I but I don't get waited on! - Cloe

Did you give her the food? - Salene about Ellie
Of course I did. - Cloe
Did she eat it? - Salene
No, the ungrateful cow. – Cloe

I have a little mouse of my own waiting for me. Do you really think I would risk leaving him on his own if I wasn't absolutely sure? - Amber to Mouse

We're here for you, Amber. - Trudy
Yeah, but in the dead of night, when I'm sitting with my son, all alone ... sometimes it just doesn't feel that way. - Amber

I just realized, how it works when you lose your soul. No one sees, no one hears. There's no crack of thunder, it just happens. - Amber