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Amber Martins

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 Amber is a true survivor. She's made it through some very tough times including her own death. She's been there for everyone around her and she always offers support. Amber is a quick and logical thinker. She assesses a situation and makes the best judgement. She is a mixture of seriousness and having fun - but when it comes down to it - she gets things  done.

She is strong-willed yet can be very vulnerable sometimes.She is very motherly towards the younger members of  The Tribe and comforts those who are hurt or unhappy. She tries always to do the right thing and has a good sense of justice. Amber has had to become streetwise the hard way, because earlier she had a well-protected life: private school education. She's fiercely moral and this leads her to sometimes be too hard on everyone, herself in particular. In reality, she is a sensitive and caring soul. Amber has a great longing for love deep inside her, which she keeps hidden, fearing that to reveal it will make her weak . Her best friend is probably Trudy, although she  has formed a close friendship with Salene as well. And even if they sometimes disagree or fight, even, they'll still be friends.

Bray and Amber met early in Series 1. There was an instant chemistry between them and despite various problems (Trudy etc.) they ended up together.  Amber and Bray were soul mates from the start. There was an attraction early on and they couldn't hide it from anyone let alone themselves. When Sasha came along they were still denying their feelings for each other so Amber found solice in Sasha. He was funny, romantic and really let her know how he felt, unlike Bray. Because he was so up-front Amber had nothing to lose. Their romantic ideas took them away and they spent some time alone together and to get away from everyone else. In the end Amber wasn't ready to leave her Tribe, or Bray and she returned to the Mall. From then on the feelings between Bray and Amber escalated. Although they didn't get to "date" as such, they knew their feelings and in knowing that, they had comfort.

They were happy until the explosion on Eagle Mountain. Bray thought that Amber is dead, but  Amber was in fact sold a lie (that Bray has a baby) by Ebony  and she started a new life with the Gaians, becoming their leader eventually. InSeries 3, Amber and Bray met again and, not surprisingly, fell in love. Their reunion took place at one stormy night (that's when Baby Bray was conceived as well)  and Amber became a Mallrat again.

As Amber's labour started, Bray was taken away by the Technos and hasn`t been seen since, so Trudy helped to deliver Amber's baby. After christening her baby  and naming him "Bray" Amber decided that she wants to raise her son with the Gaians due to the recent techno invasion on the city.

Amber loves her son deeply and loves watching him grow. She tries to spend every free moment with him, but as a lleader, she has less time for him than she'd want. Amber has softened through being a parent and she has found her maternal side to be quite strong.

After the Technos were defeated Amber decided that she had to know what happened to Bray. She was devastated to find that Bray was on the "deleted" list, and used this as a reason that she and Jay could never be together.

Amber has always been drawn between two ways of life - the Eco's and the Mallrats - she's had a support system wherever she goes. Recently she had to choose Mallrats permanently. Amber was the one who travelled back to the Gaians to deliver the sad news about Pride's death. After this final blow, Hawk told Amber that she was no longer welcome at the Gaians. On her way back to the Mall Amber decided that she did in fact want to go out with Jay  who never mentioned that he and Trudy were now together. Amber found this out when she walked in on the two of them one night. Amber and Trudy's friendship took a hard blow but they got over it after Amber was almost comatose from a fall she took in the city. Soon Mega emerged as the bad guy and threatened Bray's safety if Amber didn't cooperate, so she did. At the same time she leaded the resistance against him. This all ended with an explosion in the city-the MallRrats had to escape on a boat and are now headed to unknown.

Amber has a real sense of assurance and holds herself straight and tall. She gives off confident vibes left right and centre and makes sure that everyone knows she is not scared of anyone. Her Zulu knots can give her a harsh edge and her Eagle styles weren't what would commonly be seen down town but she still manages to get away with showing that she is one of the most confident chicks around.

Whenever a message needs to be spread across the city, Amber is usually asked to do it. She has great leadership skills and is well known around the city for her fair and just attitude.Amber is a strong person and can get a message across clearly. She is good with words and is a natural choice for a city broadcast, though reluctant to take credit for something she's done and never lets it go to her head. She is down to earth and does whatever needs to be done. In this respect Amber doesn't want or need fame or notoriety - it comes naturally for someone who thinks of others as well as herself.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift - that´s why it`s called the present."-Amber

"Boys and sticks,it`s pathetic!"-Amber

"Don´t throw me the macho line, Bray!"-Amber


Beth Allen tells us some trivia facts about her character Amber.

  • There are 12 zulu knots in Amber's hairstyle

  • The make-up team use blond extensions sometimes for the knots.

  • Amber has had flings or relationships with Bray, Sasha and now Jay.

  • Amber's latest costume includes Peacock feathers.

  • Amber has mostly been seen in black leather since the Tribe began.

  • Amber's favourite food is fried rice.

  • Amber's favourite drink is squeezed orange juice but she doesn't get it often.

  • Amber's favourite person is Baby Bray.

  • Amber is not allergic to anything.

  • Amber likes to have time to herself to reflect and think about things.

  • Amber's favourite colour is blue.

  • Amber's favourite phrase is "I'm a genius!".

  • Amber is left handed.

  • Amber's really misses her old flame Bray.

  • Amber has a sister called Solaris who she has not seen since the virus hit.