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Interview with Rip It Up

Posted on November 19, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Who’s in the dead supergroup for your dream hologram show?

Hendrix, Joplin, Michael Jackson and Keith Moon, and I insist on going to the after-party.

What’s an upcoming film you’re jazzed about?

 Dallas Buyers Club. I like Matthew McConaughey’s “I do what I want” attitude. And he’s a sweet babe.

Where can your stalkers find you during the weekend?

 Pak’nSave Mt Albert and in my house. Plenty of people chat to me at Pak’nSave, but I prefer if no one talks to me in my house, because they will likely interrupt me talking to myself, or to the dog.

What happens when you mix Coca Cola with Pepsi?


Your fantasy spirit animal is…

A meercat. Or a dragon.Yeah, a dragon. But a pretty dragon.

Your signature “I’m an amazing cook” dish is…

I’m currently making a time consuming and fiddly breakfast that I have come close to sacrificing showering in order to eat before I leave the house: rocket, asparagus, walnuts, parmesan and poached eggs with lemon dressing and tarragon powder that I found at the back on the pantry and never ever had a use for before.

The best TV show around at the moment is…


The best place for a date night is… 

The French Café if you want to show your credit card who’s boss, or my couch if my husband is cooking. While I throw meals together and hope for the best, he actually bothers to take time and ensure it’s edible. I think he bought the tarragon powder.

You’d get arrested if the police knew that you…

Are you kidding? I had one detention in high school. I get nervous about arrest if I run out of dog poo bags.

People say you look like… 

A meercat. Or Julia Roberts. Or “familiar.”

Kittens or puppies?

Puppies. Cats are fickle. I need more commitment from my relationships than they are prepared to give.

What generic current affair has your blood boiled?

The Roast Busters and the terrible rate of conviction for sexual crimes the world over.

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