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Elizabeth Grace Nell Allen

full biography

Birthday:  28. 05. 1984  
Born: in New Zealand, Auckland.
Starsign: Gemini
Eye Colour:  blue
Hair Colour: brown
Height: 1,67m -5ft 4"
Shoe size:  7
Natural Accents: Kiwi.
Languages: English.
Accents: American Standard & Southern, English RP & Northern, Irish. ADR/Looping.

Family: Mum Laraine, dad Jolyon, brother Oscar (born 1976) , sister Dinah (born 1979). Beth is the youngest child. She has two nieces -  Olive (born 2008) and Lucinda (born 2011)
Husband: Charles McDermott (married February 2011)

Son: Sidney

Animals: A pincher poodle Ned

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, music, movies, hockey, sleeping, chatting on the phone

Favourite quote: "Yesterday is history - tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift - that's why it is called the present..."

Favourite things to do off-set: cooking, travelling, and saying she'll do the gardening, but never actually doing it!
Favourite food:  Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
Favourite drink: Diet Coke and Champagne
Favourite Colour: Silver
Favourite film: Romeo and Juliet, Amelie
Favourite actors: Cate Blanchett, Edward Norton,
Favourite place: Wellington and her parents summer cottage
Favourite line of your character (The Tribe): "Boys and sticks...."
Favourite song: 'Thinking About You"
Theme song : "Top of the World"
Favourite Musician: Chris Martin, Bob Dylan, David Gray, John Butler Trio, Kings of Leon, the Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and the Dave Matthews Band.
Favourite Weather:  SUN!
Favourite On-Screen Momen of The Tribe: A scene with Dwayne and Antonia in which they both laugh and Beth tries desperately not to.
Favourite Off-Screen Moment of The Tribe: Watching Michael try to eat pens.
Favourite episode of  The Tribe: Episode 8. The death and burial of Zoot. Ashwath, Dwayne and Mikey all looked so sexy with lipstick on!
Hero or Heroine: I admire anyone who goes out and achieves what they want to achieve.

Beth's Current Favourite things (Oct. 2010)


  • I love Annabel Langbein?s cookbooks. Her meals are simple and classy, plus I love a woman in a great outfit with gumboots.
  • Macarons from J?aime les macrons. This shop is in Christchurch, where two ladies handmake these delicious little treats. Buy ten online for a girlfriend as a special present, then make sure you?re there with the pot of tea and a helpful look on your face when she opens them and says ?Oh wow! But how will I eat them all??
  • Pyrenees French Deli in Mt Albert ? see above. Cheese. Beetroot and feta slice. Awesome coffee. Pastries. French cookware. Heaven.


  • I bought this beautiful bag (left) from local label Zabbana for summer; you can take off the strap and use it as a clutch. Yay, I like me some multitasking.
  • Naveya & Sloane jewellery (right). Timeless, lovely, feminine.


  • Australian film Animal Kingdom (left); one of the best I have seen in a long time.
  • American series The Wire.
  • I just read Affluenza by Oliver James, which reminded me to worry less about getting, buying and having stuff.
  • Mojo by Jez Butterworth (right), a play that I?m producing with my fiancee, and he?s in it. Clever boy. On from October 28th at The Basement.


  • You can't control the actions of others, but you can control your reaction to them.
  • Pay off your credit card every month.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Get a pap smear every year and look after your gynaecological health, check out
  • Just talk about it.
  • Use a combination of cottage cheese and grated tasty cheese instead of cheese sauce in lasagne so it doesn?t get gluggy.

PEOPLE (and other beings I like)

  • My fiancee
  • My cats Omar and Billie-Jean
  • Cate Blanchett, Frances McDormand, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Meryl Streep: actresses who aren?t afraid to be open, vulnerable, true, or to age gracefully.


  • New Chums in the Coromandel
  • My backyard with the sun above, putting the washing out: I love how fresh the sun makes washing feel. And putting it out makes me feel useful, and grounded. Plus the cat likes chatting to me as I do it.
  • On set, first thing in the morning, coffee in hand.

Acting & Studies

Beth has been acting since 1993, she was a member of Performing Arts School (PAS) ChildrenĀ“s Theatre.
First role:  "Riding High" (NZ tv series 1995) - Role of Eva
Leading role/core cast: Amber  in "The Tribe" ( 1999-2003)

Core cast: Brooke Freeman (Shortland Street 2008 - current)


Acting 1,2 and 3, Raymond Hawthorne - 2007

Audition Technique, Auckland, Terri D'Arth - 2006

English and History at Auckland University. Graduated in 2005 (Bachelor)

Grade 8 New Zealand Speechboard Speech and Drama - 2001

Avondale College

Things you didn't know about Beth:

  • She's left handed
  • By the age of four Beth could recite entire scripts of Blackadder and The Young Ones (as a result of having much older siblings)
  • Beth Allen has a scar on her stomach and back and it was because her spine was too weak and she had to be operated. Beth has fused vertebrae - the lower half of her back is held in place wi with titanium screws. (Everyone asks her if she sets off airport metal detectors... she doesn't!)
  • Dwayne Cameron was having a drink with Beth Allen when she was phoned to ask whether she wanted to go back to The Tribe in series 3. (Cute or what? Makes one wonder....)
  • Beth loves shoes!
  • Her great uncle set up Plunket
  • One of the great joys in Beth's life? New episodes of The Family Guy!

updated January 2009

A letter from Beth (standard reply)

Hi there Tribe fan!

Thanks for your email and your birthday wishes!!  I really appreciate your support.

Back to University this year which finishes in June.  Then I plan to work and go to drama school.

I have been enjoying listening to music and would like to sleep in a lot.  Other than that I will continue my quest to try every kind of chocolate bar the world has to offer.

Oh well, take care and I hope to update you again soon.

Beth Allen (Amber)

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I do not have any contact to Beth, her manager, Cloud 9 Studios or South Pacific Pictures.

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