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The Tribe is a science fiction television programme, created by Raymond Thompson and his production company Cloud 9, and shot in New Zealand. It is set in a hypothetical near-future in which all adults have died and the world has become an anarchy of child gangs. It is primarily aimed at children and teenagers, though its fans do range through all ages. As of 2005, five series of The Tribe have been created, with a total of 262 episodes having been shot.
 Actors that have appeared in all five series to date are Caleb Ross (Lex), Meryl Cassie (Ebony), Victoria Spence (Salene), Antonia Prebble (Trudy), Michael Wesley-Smith (Jack).
 The Tribe has been shown in over 40 countries around the world and has a built up a large fan base. Countries that have shown some or all series of The Tribe include New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Estonia, the US, Spain, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Ukraine.

 In the USA The Tribe was aired on the digital cable TV channel WAM!, as well as Encore MoviePlex, and most recently syndicated to a variety of broadcast stations throughout the US. In the UK it has been shown on the terrestrial channel Five. Cloud 9 has created a sequel to The Tribe which is called The New Tomorrow. It is set at period of time after the events of The Tribe series 5.

Throughout the five series' of The Tribe there has been a gradual shift in stories away from the problems and issues faced by teenagers which were predominant in the first series to stories focused more on the science fiction elements. However, the fifth season did go someway back to the original idea, featuring issues about alcoholism, sibling rivalry, jealousy, sexuality, sexual relationships and pregnancy worries alongside those of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and genetic modification of viruses.

Currently, the active fan base can be found at Tribe Universe and Tribe (Official)

The Series

One (1999)

The first series is set in a world where all the adults have died from a disastrous virus. We are introduced to a group of children who decide to form a home in an abandoned shopping mall - the Phoenix Mall together. They eventually call themselves Mall Rats. We see them struggle through their daily life searching for food and water, creating electricity and fighting off dangers and attacks from other tribes such as the Demon Dogs, Tribe Circus and, the worst of all, The Locos. The characters also have to deal with common teenage problems such as teenage pregnancy, eating disorders, broken bones and the development of attractions. Towards the end of the series the virus that had killed all the adults has mutated and now affects children. In the last episodes we see the Mall Rats setting off to a quest for the antidote.

Two (2000)

In series two we follow the Mall Rats again as they cope with the apparent death of two of their loved members Amber and Zandra, while also continuing the search for the antidote. Danni, Alice and Ellie are also introduced in this series.Eventually theMallrats find the cure, but then have to decide how they are to create more and distribute it to all the other tribes . Later in the series a new cult, calling themselves "The Chosen", appears in the city and starts to kidnap and brainwash people. The Mall Rats are also affected by this when Trudy and her baby, Brady, are kidnapped; 'The Chosen' consider Trudy's baby to be 'The Divine Child' as her father was Zoot, whom the Chosen have elevated to God status. The series ends with many of the city's tribe leaders and most of the Mall Rats being rounded up and taken prisoner by The Chosen.

Three (2001)

Series three starts with some of the Mall Rats being held prisoner in the mall as the Chosen make the Phoenix Mall their head-quarters. However, the Mall Rats who were not captured leave the city. They come across a group called the Gaians, or Ecos, whose leader Eagle (Amber) was once a Mall Rat, but who was thought to have died long ago. A resistance is set up and both the Supreme Mother and the Divine Child can be secured out of the city. Eventually the rebels can overcome the Chosen and win back the city with the help of countryside-tribes. A city wide election is held, and Ebony is elected as the city leader (now that was a wrong move). She expels Bray and pregnant Amber from the city and makes herself a virtual dictator. The series ends with the sight of aeroplanes flying over the city: a sight not seen since before the virus hit. Are adults that somehow survived the virus coming back?

Four (2002)

The fourth series immediately tells us the aeroplanes are not flown by adults, but a tribe known as The Technos. They seem to offer hope and prosperity by saying they will open hospitals and arrange for water and electricity, but all this comes at a big price: many people are taken away from the city to work in the mines or work camps and nothing is heard about them. Those left in the city are offered the chance to play a new virtual reality game. It turns the city kids into addicts, who, when the Technos start bribing them by offering "credits" to play the game in return for working in the power station, spend their days either playing with their headsets on or shoveling coal. Electricity is eventually turned on, and the Mall Rats open a hospital. However, the city situation becomes precarious when more and more people fall prey to the VR game. The Mall Rats, with the help from some ex-Technos, finally overturn the Techno leader Ram, who had made plans to live in Virtual Reality full-time, but is quite literally thrown on the scrap heap at the end of the series. One of its stars was Dan Weekes-Hannah (Ved), who is mostly notable for getting fired mid-year for skipping town with co-star Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (Cloe) on a day he was scheduled to be filmed, causing Cloud 9 a 100000 NZ dollar lost..

Five (2003)

The fifth series sees the series split between several locations, both in and out of the city. In the city, the remaining Technos assure the Mall Rats that they want to co-operate. A new tribe, the Zootists, forms and tries to take advantage of the weakened situation in the city. Meanwhile, a small Western-style village called Liberty turns into a hot spot as several new and old characters (including Ram, the deposed Techno leader) find accommodation in its saloon. As the series develops we discover that the Zootists are a ploy by the new Techno leader Mega to regain control of the city. He plays a vicious game by publicly demonizing this tribe and advocating the need for a safety zone, fenced-off with secure exit and entrance points. He gradually extends the safe zone to gain a stronger control of the city. In Liberty, a resistance with the goal of taking the tyrannic city leader down is set up. The overthrow is successful; however, even though the Mall Rats are back in control, there are things happening beyond their reach. The Technos had developed several projects that now spin out of control: the creation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a new virus. The AI develops too quickly and comes to the inevitable conclusion that human beings are a threat to the world. Its attempt to eliminiate humankind is prevented, but not before a generator next to the virus-container goes critical. The Mall Rats inform the rest of the city in the hopes that people will evacuate themselves before the generator blows up, thereby releasing the baleful virus. The Mall Rats barely manage to escape on a boat, leaving their home behind for an unknown future. As Ellie said: "This is our home..." and Lex answered her:"Not anymore."


Main characters
  • Alice (Vanessa Stacey) Series 1, 5 (guest), Series 2, 3. Originally the leader of the farm girls who, unsurprisingly, run Alice's farm, Alice first meets the Mall Rats when they travel to her farm to trade in series 1. In series 2, Alice travels to the city in search of the antidote after her little sister Ellie catches the mutated virus. She finds the antidote and saves Ellie, but decides to move into the mall as bodyguard for Tai-San, the only person to know the formula for the antidote, after Alice manages to stop a potential kidnapping of Tai-San. In series 3 Alice is one of the Mall Rats held in the Mall by the Chosen and fights for the resistance from within. Later in the series she develops a relationship with Ned, before he is tragically murdered by the Guardian. We do not see Alice in series 4, but we are told she is amongst the Mall Rats taken out of the city by the invading Technos to work in the mines. Towards the end of series 5 Alice makes a surprise re-appearance, though not in the city. We see her held prisoner in a cage on a desert island along with several other people, including KC and the Guardian. How she came to be there and what happened to her remains a mystery.

  • Amber / Eagle (Beth Allen) Series 1, 3, 4, 5. From the very beginning, Amber was set up as the natural leader of the Mall Rats: she always listened to what everyone had to say and tried to decide fairly. Unfortunately for her, people were often disappointed by her decisions and she was too fair-minded to force them to do anything. After she was chased off by Ebony at Eagle Mountain at the end of season 1, she joined the Gaians and became "Eagle". In season 3 she was discovered by Bray, who had tired of Ebony, but she was involved (though not that romantically) with another Gaian, Pride. After defeating the Chosen, she and Bray returned to the city triumphant and together at last, until Ebony banished them. Amber was at this point pregnant with Bray's child, whom she named "Bray" after his father, who was kidnapped by the Technos at the beginning of series 4.

  • Andy (James Ordish ) Series 3. Andy is the younger brother of Ned, a rather old "kid" and a romantic interest of Alice. He and his sister, Tal, generally try to make as much mischief as possible during the brief time that they are Mall Rats.

  • Brady (Beanie Palmer, Kiriana Chase - Series 1,Story Rose and Eva Rose, Ariel Garland - Series 2, Georgia Taylor-Woods - Series 3, 4, 5). She is Trudy's daughter; her father is Zoot (Martin). She was revered as the "Divine Child" by the Chosen, part of their trinity of Zoot, Supreme Mother, and Child.

  • Bray (Dwayne Cameron) Series 1, 2, 3. He is often called the "eco-warrior," but he doesn't do much in the way of ecology; that turns out to be more Amber's thing. He is also one of the most sought-after men in the series: Trudy, Amber, Ebony, Moon, Salene, Danni and May all want him at various points. He is, as it turns out, Zoot's brother, and ultimately the love of Amber's life, even though they spent very little time actually together and happy. He is the father of Amber's son, also called Bray. Bray is last seen in series 4, when he is taken away by The Technos. Through out series 4 and 5 it is mentioned that Bray has been deleted. However it is revealed towards the end of series 5 that Bray was seen only a couple of weeks before by KC when KC is talking to Alice when the pair are locked up in the cage on the island.

  • Bray (Baby) (Lucas Hill - Series 4, Adam Sondej - Series 5) Series 4, 5. Son of Bray and Amber / Eagle. Was at one time in series 5 used by Mega to control Amber by a veiled threat to his safety.

  • Cloe (Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu) Series 1,2,3,4 Cloe, along with her best friend Patsy, was one of the few kids that actually grew up during the virus. Cloe did not become an intricate part of the story line until Series 2 when Trudy returned and started to play favoritism with Patsy. Cloe disappeared in series 3 and came back a teenager for series 4 all crushes, boyfriends, and attitude included. Cloe made an odd disappearance in series 4 that helped to bring back May who had turned into an addict of the Paradise Game.

  • Dal (Ashwath Sundaresan) Series 1, 2, 3. A close friend of Amber and Jack, Dal was of Indian descent and helped Jack with all his inventions, including a water purifier system and a wind turbine. His parents were both doctors. Dal was a very caring person and often put his own life in danger to help others. He died midway through series 3 during the battle between the Mall Rats and the Chosen to take back the City.

  • Danni (Ella Wilks) Series 2. Danni was just as passionate as Amber about making a better tomorrow and reforming the city, which is probably why she and Bray hooked up after Amber's supposed death. During series 2, she established the beginnings of a jurdicial system for the kids and drafted a Bill of Rights. It was discovered by Ellie that Danni's father was one of the scientists responsible for creating the virus. Danni is last seen at the end of series two when she goes to a meeting of tribe leaders in the city. The meeting was hijacked by the Chosen as a trap to kidnap the city's most powerful figures and make it easier for them to finally take over.

  • Darryl (Joseph Crawford) Series 5. He looks a lot like Zoot; was recruited by Java to fool the City (and Ebony) into believing Zoot had returned. Mega attempted to kill him when he became too enamored of his role, but he was saved and nursed back to health by Slade. He was then used by the resistance to expose the Zoot hoax Mega perpetrated on the City. He tried to launch a career as a singer after Mega fell, but that didn't really go anywhere.

  • Dee (Kelly Stevenson ) Series 4. Dee was a member of the Mozzies, or Mosquitos, but then joined the Mall Rats after becoming one of Lex's deputies. She had bright pink hair and genuinely wanted the City to be a safe place. She disappears before the opening of series 5, running away to be with Patch.

  • Ebony (Meryl Cassie) Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Ebony is always out for herself; she is beautiful and uses that to influence powerful men. After the virus she allied with the most powerful tribe around, the Locos, and became Zoot's lover. After he died, she tried to insinuate herself into Bray's good graces, and a powerful role in the Mallrats in season 2, but that too did not last. She finally achieved her goals for a brief moment in season 4, when she was elected City leader (really a dictator) but was almost immediately conquered by the Technos under Ram. The next step was (obviously) to marry Ram, despite the fact that he was already married to two of her sisters, Java and Siva. When Ram fell, she again allied with the Mallrats and Jay, until Mega began manipulating her to believe in Zoot's resurrection. After her Zootist tribe was taken from her by Java, she fled to Liberty, where she began a relationship with Slade, who would, she hoped, conquer the City back for her.

  • Ellie (Jennyfer Jewel) Series 2, 3, 4, 5. She is a Farm Girl, and Alice's younger sister. She wrote the short-lived newspaper "The Amulet." At one point during season 4 she tried to kill Ebony with a bomb. She and Jack for a long time held an unstated attraction to each other, but this did not come to fruition until season 5. She turned up in the Zootist prison and was selected by Java to assassinate the Mallrats. Fortunately, Jack discovered the plot and saved the day. Later Jack and Ellie became an "official couple" and began sleeping together. She was also the first to be "punished" in the game Jack devised for Mega, but that turned out to be part of the resistance's plot all along.

  • Gel (Vicky Rodewyk) Series 5. A vapid, self-obsessed diva whom Jack met when trying to return to the city in season 5, at the height of the Zootist craze. She turned out to be a member of the Modes, a tribe that appeared to be totally wiped out by the Technos. She and Jack had several misadventures together; it was because of her that Jack discovered Liberty. Later in the series, she decided to pursue Lex, but that relationship didn't go very far; Lex was at first searching for Tai-San, and later mourning the death of Siva.

  • Jack (Michael Wesley-Smith) Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The original "owner" of the Mall. At first he refuses to accept the fact that all adults are dead, and spends a good deal of time trying to "find" them on his radio set. He develops quite an intellect, and by the end of the show is able to give even the Technos and Ram something they couldn't otherwise have acquired. He becomes a double agent for the resistance against Mega, and steals key core files from their computers. He also has a strong attraction for Ellie from the moment they meet.
  • Java (Megan Alatini) Series 4, 5. She is Ebony and Siva's older sister. Unlike Siva, who is always very concerned about others' wellbeing, or Ebony, who needs others around if only to keep her sane, Java has no qualms about using and dropping people as she sees fit, even her own sisters. Like Ebony, she is always questing for power. She was Ram's consort, and still loved him even though she aided Mega in overthrowing him. Towards the end of season 5, Ram called for her in Liberty, thinking he could still control her. However, things turned out much differently, when a confrontation with Ebony and Siva left both Siva and Java dead, and Ebony again traumatized.

  • Jay (James Napier) Series 4, 5. The Techno general. He is firm, loyal, and perhaps a bit too trusting. When he first meets Ebony in season 4, he is immediately attracted, but he delivers her to his master, Ram, to become his bride. Later, when he sees the true effects the Technos are having on the City, he joins Ebony and the Mallrats in overthrowing Ram. He proves to be a dangerous ally though; he is almost as willing as Mega to use force to instill "order," and doesn't see that Mega has control until it is too late, and he is banished. From Liberty, he becomes one of the founders of the resistance with Ram, Slade, Lex, and Ebony. He is also a fairly cavalier user of people's hearts: he falls for Amber while still with Ebony, and then sleeps with Trudy when Amber sends him away, only to get with Amber as soon as he can, despite the fact that Trudy still thinks of him as "her boyfriend."

  • KC (Ari Boyland) Series 1, 2, 3, Series 5 (guest). KC was first seen in the tribe when he was found stealing from the Mall. Lex later takes him under his wing and KC begins to see Lex as an ultra hero type person. In Series 5 we see KC on the "mysterious" island along with Alice and the Guardian.

  • Lex (Caleb Ross) Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Lex is a rough and ready fighter, but not much of a thinker. Anything that is too difficult, like arguments with women, he tends to avoid. He is responsible for Zoot's fall to his death. He is also a rake: he was with Zandra, who was pregnant by him, until she died on Eagle Mountain. He then fell in with Tai-San, and married her only to have her disappear under the Technos, then reappear for an instant, only to disappear again. He then seduced Siva, but their relationship was always full of arguments about his "obsession" with Taisan. Eventually he ends up with Gel, but this relationship seems to be totally superficial on both sides. He also was one of the first Mallrats to learn what Mega was planning and played a key role within the resistance in series 5.

  • Lottie (Beth Chote) Series 5. A cute little pickpocket discovered by Ram in Ruby's Saloon. Ruby later kept her on as a hired hand. She also offered to "manage" Darryl's singing career for him, but was not too successful at this. Saved by Amber from the locked cubboard (gel’s doing) shortly before they have to leave the city.
  • Luke (Jacob Tomuri) Series 3. He was originally a member of The Chosen and given the rank of Lieutenant for his job as chief aide to The Guardian. After the Chosen were defeated he tried to change his ways and joined the Mall Rats. He had a brief and tumultuous dalliance with Ellie. He was last seen leaving the city with the Guardian, having once again changed his allegiance, as the Technos were invading the city.

  • May (Laura Wilson) Series 2 (guest), Series 3, 4, 5. A member of the "Outcasts," she never really fit in at the Mall. She picked up Pride after Amber left him for Bray, but Pride's feelings for her were not as strong as hers for him, and eventually the truth came out: he was in love with Salene. When Salene was kidnapped by rogue Technos at the beginning of season 5, May tried to get them to kill Salene, leaving the way clear for her and Pride. However, Pride overheard and charged them; he was shot by one of the Technos, and thus May lost the one person she loved. Mega used the Techno's statement to blackmail May into working for him as a spy. When she was found out by Jack, the Mallrats banished her, but Salene later brought her back to the mall. She developed romantic feelings for her ex-rival, but Salene couldn't feel "that way" about her.

  • Mega (Calen Maiava-Paris) Series 4, 5. Mega is a Techno we do not meet until near the end of the 4th series when Ebony tries to gain information from him. He plays an important part in helping the Mall Rats to defeat Ram only to become a bigger threat in Series 5. Mega is mischievous and seen as uncaring when he threatens Amber's child, Baby Bray. We don't see emotional weakness from Mega until the very end when he comforts Trudy in her break up with Jay and when it is revealed that Slade is Mega's older brother, whom he believes abandoned him. In the end Mega helps in destroying Ram's creation, naming himself the True Master, but soon dies afterwards.

  • Mouse (Jacinta Wawatai) Series 4, 5. A small kid who pals around with Sammy.Despite her affection to Trudy and Amber, she sees Salene and Pride as mother and father figures, and Pride's death followed by Salene's alcoholism cause her to want to leave the Mall in season 5 to join the Eco Tribe in the forest. Salene agrees to escort her back to the Eco Camp, to be with Pride's former tribe.

  • Ned (Bevin Linkhorn) Series 3.

  • Patch (Morgan Palmer-Hubbard) Series 4.

  • Patsy (Sarah Major) Series 1, 2, 3. Paul's sister and often Cloe's companion. The unfortunate babysitter, under whose care little Brady gets kidnapped by the Chosen. A caring, cheeky little girl. In series two is manipulated by Trudy at great deal, in series three works as a spy for the Mallrats and is sent away to punish her once the Guardian finds out.
  • Paul (Zachary Best) Series 1. Paul is about 9 years old when we first see him on a playground in series 1. In the first episode Amber and Dal are led to the playground by Cloe, where they find both Paul and his sister Patsy along with Salene, who appears to have been looking after the three younger children. Paul then becomes one of the founding members of the Mall Rats. Being deaf, Paul finds it hard to communicate with other people other than through sign language, which only his sister understands. This is much to the annoyance of some of the other tribe members, like Lex, who often shouts at Paul. It is believed this anger directed at Paul is what drove him away from the Mall midway through series 1, though the exact reason for Paul's disappearance remains unknown. He has not been seen since.
  • Pride (Nick Miller) Series 3, 4, Series 5 (guest). The prominent eco-warrior and leader of the Gaians, he truly loves Amber, the girl whom he saves on Eagle Mountain, but she never returns the feelings.He died tragically while searching for Salene after she was kidnapped early in series five, causing Salene to almost lose it.

  • Ram (Tom Hern) Series 4, 5. The original leader of the Technos, Ram is in a wheelchair and has a morbid fear of germs. When it comes to love Ram has none and sought to "collect" the three sisters, Ebony, Siva, and Java. He is successful only through his cunning in destroying the relationship of Jay and Ebony by using Ebony's biggest weakness of jealousy and fear of losing to Amber. Ram is so wrapped up in his obsession with Ebony that when she finally leaves he becomes physically sick and mentally paranoid and is left wide open for Mega and the Mall Rats to destroy him. In Series 5 he is taken to Liberty where he leaves behind his old ways and fears (he ultimately learns to walk). He joins the Mall Rats in their fight against Mega, but still ever cunning and intelligent creates an AI Zoot that he loses control of.

  • Ruby (Fleur Saville) Series 5. The beautiful owner of the saloon in Liberty that becomes the resistance's headquarters. She thinks Slade is terminally ill, and tries to conceive a child by him, a fact that drives Ebony insane with jealousy, despite Slade's assurances that Ruby means nothing to him. Ebony tries to kill her by pushing her in front of a bus, hoping at least to cause a miscarriage. Ruby survives, but it turns out she wasn't pregnant. Ebony feels a little bad about it.

  • Ryan (Ryan Runciman) Series 1, 2, 3. A good-natured boy, but not the most brilliant one.Lex's sidekick in many different schemes. He and Salene eventually marry in season 3 and the couple becomes pregnant, but Salene loses the baby. He disappears after being carried off to the mines by The Chosen mid-way through series 3. After the Chosen are overthrown Salene goes looking for him, but she has no luck in finding anyone who knows where he has gone.

  • Salene (Victoria Spence) Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Salene has a very motherly personality, but unfortunately is very prone to addictions of various sorts, not the least of which is emotional. Without a strong male influence, Salene seems to go to pieces. She struggles with bulimia, and later alcoholism. She was married to Ryan and pregnant with his child in season 3, but she lost the baby. In season 4, she and Pride were the de facto leaders of the Mallrats, as Amber and the others were often off plotting against the Technos. Later she attracted Pride, who had little interest in May despite their relationship May at first saw her as a rival for Pride's affection, but later became attracted to her nurturing personality. Salene didn't share these feelings, and rebuffed her, first gently, then strongly.

  • Sammy (Lucas Hayward) Series 4, 5. A young and immature boy who joined the Mall Rats after befriending Mouse. Often causes minor troubles by squabbling with Mouse, but does nothing of interest. Gel manages to make him her slave by dangling hopes of romantic entanglement, which she never follows through.

  • Siva (Monique Cassie) Series 4, 5. Ebony's sister, the middle child. She is always striving to keep the peace between power-hungry Ebony and manipulative Java. She fell for Lex pretty hard in season 4, but they couldn't seem to get it together for very long without a fight breaking out. She died defending Ebony from Java's stun gun, something Ebony has had to live with. Of the three sisters, Siva was the one who was least happy with gaining power and fighting for superiority. Originally seen as a Techno in the programme, she quickly left the Tribe and discarded their uniform to become a member of the Mall Rats.

  • Slade (Matt Robinson) Series 5. A mysterious man on a motorcycle when we first meet him, we don't get to know him that much better throughout the series: mystery always seems to surround him. He always turns up at the right time to aid anyone whom the Technos don't seem to like, be it Ram, Lex, Darryl, Jack, or especially Ebony. He flirts outrageously with Ruby, even though he has no serious feelings for her; it is Ebony that really interests him. He is elected as leader of the resistance, but as it turns out, Lex, Ram, Amber, Ebony and Jay all have their own agendas, which just happen to coincide for a brief time. At the end of the series, he is revealed to be a relative of one of the other characters - Mega.

  • Tai-San (Michelle Ang) Series 1, 2, 3, Series 4 (guest). A sort of mystic and believer in natural healing techniques. She and Amber often find themselves at loggerheads; Amber believes in realistic action, while Tai-San believes in spiritual reflection. Lex was fascinated with her since first they met, eventually they married, but she was lost to him after the Technos invaded. She reappeared, to everyone's shock, as a double agent within the Technos. After Ram was defeated, she disappeared again, causing Lex to search for her frantically, alienating Siva and ignoring the growing unrest in the City.

  • Tally (Amelia Reynolds) Series 3. Andy and Ned's sister.

  • The Guardian (Damon Andrews) Series 2, 3, Series 5 (guest). A bit...or actually very unbalanced. Believes that Zoot is a God, and he is Zoot's Prophet. He and the Chosen dominated the City throughout the third season, he kidnapped Brady and made Trudy act as "Supreme Mother," which caused the already unstable Trudy to become even more so, before he replaced her with Tai-San. Eventually was overthrown and kidnapped by the Technos. He was seen briefly in a cage on an island with KC and Alice; it is unknown what the purpose for this island was, but most likely it foreshadowed an as-yet unproduced sixth season.

  • Trudy (Antonia Prebble) Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. She is a very fragile girl, always seeking love with men that are interested elsewhere, first with Martin/Zoot, then Bray and later with Jay (both of whom fell for Amber on sight.) She became pregnant by Zoot right as the virus began to take hold, and delivered his daughter, Brady, in the Mall. At first the Mallrats dont want to keep "Zoot's Girlfriend" around when they learn the truth, but Bray convinces them. Her presence at the mall could be said to have led to Zoot's death. In Series 2 she becomes the "Supreme Mother" and one of the leaders of the Chosen. She is taken by the Chosen at the end of series two and brainwashed to join them. Over the series she has taken over the mother role from Salene. In series 4 she saves Amber, helping to deliver her baby and keeps her from getting lost in the woods, spends some time in the eco camp aswell. More stabile and happy in series 5 than she's ever been before, though Jay changes that.

  • Ved (Dan Weekes-Hannah) Series 4. He is Jay's brother. He meets Cloe and falls for her.

  • Zandra (Amy Morrison) Series 1. Zandra is first seen when she is about 13 or 14, in the first episode of The Tribe trying to join the Locos along with her boyfriend Glenn, Lex and Ryan. Things don't work out as planned and Zandra, Lex and Ryan manage to run away. They then end up in the Mall where they are trapped by Jack between security grills. She eventually manages to become a founding member of the Mall Rats, acting as a calming influence on Lex in order to be allowed to stay in the Mall. Zandra is a girl who likes life's luxuries and the mall offers many more to her than the streets do. She is also highly interested in fashion and make-up and is known for her blue and pink hair. During the series Zandra and Lex get married, but not without troubles. Their first wedding is called off, but by the end of the series Zandra has become pregnant by Lex and they are happily awaiting the baby. Feeling it not safe to bring up a baby in the City, Lex and Zandra decide not to return with the Mall Rats after they all make the trip to Eagle Mountain. However Zandra is tragically and unexpectedly killed in the explosion at the Eagle Mountain Observatory along with her unborn baby. She is buried on a hillside just below the observatory.

  • Zoot/Martin (Daniel "Danny" James) Series 1, guest: 2, 3, 4, 5. A constant presence of evil in the series, despite the fact that he died after the 8th episode. In season 2 much of his backstory is revealed. He is Bray's brother, and attended the same school as Ebony, Trudy, and Bray. He was attracted strongly to Trudy, but she much preferred Bray. Always compared to his "good" older brother, Martin rebelled and became the character we know as Zoot.

Guest/secondary characters
  • Kandy (Sally Martin) Series 4.
  • Charlie (Charley Murphy Samau) Series 4. Mouse's brother
  • Ethan (Chris Parson) Series 3.
  • Fisheye (Drew Neemia) Series 3 and 5.
  • Ginny (Mia Taumoepeau) Series 4.
  • Glenn (Keegan Fulford-Wierziciki) Series 1. Best friends with Zandra, Ryan and Lex. Got left behind by Lex and later died of the Virus.
  • Hawk (Sam Kelly) Series 4, 5. Takes the leadership of the Ecos (Gaians) after Amber and Pride leave
  • Moz (Miriama Smith) Series 3. Leader of the Mosquitoes
  • Moon - unknown actor - Series 3
  • President (George Henare) Series 1, 2.
  • Roanne (Rose Bollinger) Series 1.
  • Sasha (David Taylor) Series 1. Ambers first love interest
  • Spike (Lee Donaghue) Series 1, 2. Secondary to Zoot and Ebony in the leadership of the Locos. Got killed by the Chosen.
  • Susannah (Chantelle Brader) Series 1. A little nomad girl Trudy and Dal meet on their escape from the Mall.
  • Top Hat (Sam Husson) Series 1, 2. Leader of Tribe Circus, almost burns the Mall.
  • Troy (Charlie Bleakley) Series 1. A nomad leader.
  • Wolf (Samuel Wallace) Series 2. Chosen spy who posed as a puppeteer and got Ellie's attention for a while.

Raymond Thompson

a New Zealand scriptwriter and TV producer. Raymond Thompson was born in Redditch, Worcestershire and grew up in Ontario, after his parents emigrated to Canada. He studied Drama at York University and embarked upon a successful career in the music industry as both a songwriter and musician. His groups include Stillwater and one evolved into Edison Lighthouse who had the No. one record "Love Grows Were My Rosemary Goes". His greatest ambition was to write. He published a novel in 1979, The Number To Call Is ... - which remained on the best seller lists around the world for several weeks - before becoming a script consultant for various producers such as Joseph E. Levine. His television writing credits from the 80s include Squadron and Howard's Way, which many consider to be one of Britain's best loved drama series and which ran for six years. He acquired the position of Head of Development for BBC Television Drama Series and developed or worked on many other iconic titles from Bergerac to The House Of Elliot - before he founded, in association with the Sancuary Group PLC, his own production company in 1994, The Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group, which has since specialized in family entertainment. His youngestson Cameron suffers from Asperger's Syndrome; Raymond has also been diagnosed with the condition. This led him to found Cloud 9's Children Foundation, which aims to support families affected by the syndrome mainly in Oceania. In 2001, he returned to his muic roots and composed the soundtracks of Cloud 9's portfolio of product produced. Also the "Spirit Symphony", which was partly inspired by Asperger's. It was performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and released on CD in 2004. The proceeds of the song 'With You Every Step of the Way' ( also composed by Raymond) were donated to the foundation.He has been a juror at BAFTA and the International Emmy Awards. In 2003, he was appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to television. In the same year he also received an Honours Award at Dragon*Con. He is currently focusing on his screenwriting activities and is developing a portfolio of motion pictures. "We're committed to New Zealand and have invested many millions here and now we have invested in Wairarapa, Thompson said. He said Wairarapa people are nice and he sings the praises of New Zealand and Wairarapa on his travels around the globe. I'm thrilled it's (the land) always going to be here. One of my grandchildren was born in New Zealand and I have visions of him growing up as a Wairarapa boy, Ray said. (28. July 2004) Tirohana Estate Privately owned and managed by the Raymond Thompson Family Trust, Tirohana Estate is a boutique vineyard located on the alluvial terraces of the dry riverbed in Martinborough on the North Island of New Zealand.
The Estate produces award-winning premium wines exclusively from homeblock Pinot Noir, Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes, Tirohana Estate is a founding member of the Unique and Boutique collective.

The current Operations Manager at Tirohana Estate is - Saranne James, a name that should be known tyo all Tribe fans. Saranne is Ray's daughter and James is his son-in-law.

Saranne - Operations Manager
inherited her love of wine from her father ( Raymond Thompson). As is the custom in Europe where she grew up, Saranne was taught from an early age to appreciate quality wines and she has enjoyed many trips to France where she got to see first hand the way that wine is a part of life. Indeed, wine is now an integral part of her life. After working for many years in the buzz of the film business,Saranne was keen to experience a more rural lifestyle and she is delighted to be able to work alongside her husband Toby in an area that she loves whilst being able to continue with her creative work.

Toby ~ Marketing Manager
As a Nursery Nurse, children's bookseller, film set chaperone, tutor, Children's charity co-ordinator and in more recent years a publishing consultant, Toby has always worked with children or all things child orientated. However, this move into the world of wine and a return to nature is a part of a long term plan for Toby and his family. Whilst incorporating his existing role in children's publishing, Toby will also help develop and market the Tirohana Estate, whilst fulfilling a lifestyle dream. Toby grew up in a small rural village on the South Coast of England. It has always been a desire of Toby's to return to a country community and Martinborough and the Wairarapa has for many years held a very special place in the hearts of the family. The wine industry has such an exciting buzz and the whole Wairarapa community seems to be driven in making this region the best at what they do.

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